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Investment Management

You've worked hard all of your life and now you need to make the product of your labors work for you. Investing is NOT GAMBLING! It is a discipline that requires conscience, planning and consistent execution.

A properly diversified portfolio designed especially for you will address your investment objectives while being sympathetic to your warranted investment risk.

Whether you're saving for retirement or making sure some special person has a starting advantage that perhaps you did not have, let us show you how we can help.

My network includes a local full service investment management firm. Together we offer FEE ONLY BASED investment management that strives for LONG TERM GROWTH and PRESERVATION of PRINCIPAL. The client is part of the team and is involved in all strategic planning decisions. My role as relationship manager insures independent thought and coordination of responsibilities. While we will work closely together there is no LONG TERM contract locking us together. Our arrangement exists for as long as it works for you.